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Re: [Raindrops on Roses and Dewlaps on Dinosaurs]

"Steve  Brusatte" <dinoland@lycos.com> wrote:
> Hey,
> I've been doing some reading on possible dewlaps (skin flaps) on
dinosaurs.  Does anyone know of any technical refs which discuss signs of
dewlaps on bones, or the presence of dewlaps in dinosaurs?
> And, dewlaps (as seen on some cattle, noticeably the Brahman cow) are
used as sexual display functions.  Would there have been any other
possible uses in dinosaurs?
> Steve


Well in a variety of lepidosaurs (especially Iguanians) the dewlap plays a
large role in communication. Especially when combined with head bobbing.
So if there were dinos with dewlaps, they might have used them for this
purpose as well.


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