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Ricardoestesia isosceles

Jack McIntosh informs me that there's a new dinosaur species introduced in 
the latest issue of the Journal of Paleontology (don't have vol, issue #, 

Julia T. Sankey, 2001. "Late Campanian southern dinosaurs, Aguja Formation, 
Big Bend, Texas."

The new species is Richardoestesia isosceles, based on teeth. I haven't seen 
the article yet, but the generic name is probably misspelled with the "h"; it 
should be spelled without the "h," as in the subject heading of this post 
(see Mesozoic Meanderings #2 second printing, p. 150), which is how the 
authors intended it to be spelled before some overzealous editor at Cambridge 
U Press spoiled it for them.