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Re: Details on Caudipteryx

Mickey_Mortimer (Mickey_Mortimer@email.msn.com) wrote:

<But how am I supposed to indicate both were preserved then?
"....., two manus, ......"?  Sounds awkward.>

  Awkward but relevent in English grammar. Hence, one manus, two
manus, to indicate value where the words are not even pronounced

  David Marjanovic (David_Marjanovic@gmx.at) wrote:

<<which is odd, considering the 5 sacral vertebrae (don't other
oviraptorosaurs have 7 and birds 8 > or more?)>>

<Yes, but also visible in Nomingia. And if you count those
vertebrae that are sutured to the sacrum (but don't contact the
ilia) as sacrals, Nomingia has nine dorsals and seven sacrals.>

  The type of *Ingenia* has seven sacrals; I would also count
the condition in *Nomingia* strange: Barsbold et al., include
these elements in the dorsal count, however, and they appear to
be bound only by matrix. The same for the tail, too, which is
preserved connected by matrix still.
<<Is it possible that all known specimens (that stretches it, of
course) are immature, which could > explain the unfused sterna
(sutured in Velociraptor, fused AFAIK in other oviraptorosaurs,
Pelicanimimus, tyrannosaurids, Sinraptor...) and the 5

<Also, most sterna are sutured in oviraptorids, not fused. I
believe only one example of a fused sternum is known from an
oviraptorid, currently referred to Ingenia. I'm sure Jaime can
elaborate and/or correct me if I got some details wrong.>

  Nope, Mickey's right, except that it's the type (GI (SPS)
100/30) and not a referred specimen; the contacts between other
sternae are separate, but overly each other and their
relationship, as in Barsbold (1981, 1983a,b) are apparently
closely appressed, but not sutured (no interdigitating
structure) or fused. One always overlies the other, and this
means the elements are slightly distorted on their margin but
that a midline ridge was present in most specimens (not a keel,

  That's enough, gotta get back to reading Mickey's analysis....


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