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Re: illustrations

To Gavin:

> I was wondering if I could trouble you fine people
> to take a look at my new reconstructions.
> I wanted to do some illustrations of less
> frequently-drawn animals. But I've also done some
> less well-known ones which are therefore a more
> diffult area. I'd appreciate any feedback. 
> Particularly on Steve Coombs interpretation of 
> Megaraptor which I visualised.
> Many thanks,
> Gav

Well Gav, i'm just a lowly amateur, but I don't agree
that the Megaraptor claw was a manual ungual. If I
remember correctly, one way to identify pedal unguals
is that they have less pronounced flexor tubercles and
are relatively thinner (at least in dromies). I don't
have a paper for Suchomimus, but from drawings it
seems that the large "gaff" claw was thick. I think
your drawings are very good, but I would practice by
tracing a picture of the skull a few times just to get
a good feel for the curves. Next, you would want to
identify muscle insertions and air-filled sinuses.
After you have a good idea about how the animal looked
in life, go ahead and toss some skin on it. This is
how I draw my theropods, but i'm not much of an
artist, so i'll send you (and anyone else who wants
one) a pic of the Velociraptor skull i'm about to
draw. Hopefully we can cross-critique our work!  

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