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Re: illustrations

On Sun, 11 Feb 2001 18:41:25  
 Gavin Rymill wrote:
>I was wondering if I could trouble you fine people to take a look at my new 
>I wanted to do some illustrations of less frequently-drawn animals. But I've 
>also done some less well-known ones which are therefore a more diffult area.
>I'd appreciate any feedback. Particularly on Steve Coombs interpretation of 
>Megaraptor which I visualised.

Are you suggesting that Megaraptor was a bona fida spinosaurid??  I don't 
particularly understand where you are trying to place Megaraptor by your 

Also, I do agree with Waylon, that Megaraptor's humongous claw was pedal.

The illustration is very nice, though, and is thought provoking.  I'm not quite 
sure exactly where to place Megaraptor yet, and I am sure that most agree with 
me when I say that I wish for more material from this enigmatic dinosaur to 
show up...


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