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Re: Protoavis and Megalancosaurus - and the ABSRD model of bird origins

> > > As the ABSRD theory (it sure ain't a hypothesis)
> >
> >Why? If I correctly remember the relevant page in www.dinosauria.com/jdp,
> >it
> >is a hypothesis... (Whatever, nobody seems to care. ;-) )
> IMHO, just saying another hypothesis is wrong does not, in itself,
> constitute a hypothesis.  That's why (and a little facetiously) I call
> Feduccia's model Anything-But-a-Small-Running-Dinosaur (ABSRD).  As many
> theropod paleontologists have said: Put up or shut up.  Feduccia and
> have yet to propose an explicit alternative to the origin of birds from
> theropods.  All we have from ABSRD is a warm-and-fuzzy notion about some
> arboreal diapsid from the Triassic which they JUST KNOW existed.

OK, so it's not a hypothesis, but it surely isn't a theory, such like
Newton's theory of gravitation, the theory of evolution or the theories of
relativity. So I'd say it's speculation. (Just nitpicking...)