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Re: illustrations

Many apologies for copying and pasting with reference to the original

> Are you suggesting that Megaraptor was a bona fida spinosaurid??

No, no! Not at all. It was a mere hypothetical image based on Steve's
observation that the associated finger and the size of claw compared to
Suchomimus. It was a "what if". As you said, thought-provoking. I did try to
make it a 50-50 though, with much of the traditional raptorial look

> Also, I do agree with Waylon, that Megaraptor's humongous claw was pedal.

Personally, I was unaware that there was any such significant distinction
between the types of claw. I'm still learning. I admit that I didn't know a
great deal about Megaraptor and, from the conversation I'd had, I'd inferred
that it was not know for sure either way.

We'd also inferred from the discovery of an ulna, and a manual phalanx that
the claw too might have been manual. From further research I now see that it
was found with distal half of metatarsal III and pedal ungual. We're still
waiting for Paul Serino to get back to us but, no doubt, he will say the
same as you.

> The hands: You have all the hands pointed palms-in towards the chest.
> Dinosaurus were not able to cross the radius and ulna, and therefor could
> not have achieved this position.

Well, slap me sideways! I never knew that! And neither do any of the other
illustrators I've been using as reference!!!

But, looking at the Big Al images on my own site, I see that the Walking
With Dinosaurs people clearly knew it!

Mental note - all dinosaurs hands in future to be drawn as if they're
holding a large, invisible box! - Right?

> Suchomimus: You have drawn the hands with two fingers, and I was under the
> impression that they had 3, with a hyper-enlarged thumb claw. I could be
> wrong though, I don't know too much about it.

Yes you're right. I was using an image of a Spinosaurus as partial reference
which is not depicted with the enlarged claw. Basically just me be being
bl**dy unobservant because the skeletal reconstruction I used for most of
the rest of the body has three fingers including the enlarged thumb claw,
same as Baryonxy.

Thanks for all your feeding-back. And many apologies for copying and pasting
with reference to the original sender.


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