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Re: One last thing on the bitten _Edmontosaurus_

If this injury was indeed caused by a _T. rex_ , then wouldn't that destroy
the theory that _T rex_  used an infectious bite to kill it's prey, ala
komodo dragons?

I have seen this word "theory" misused far too many times with a number of the last 65+ or so email messages, to a point where I must address this issue: - please:

A theory is something that has withstood the battery of rigorous testing from scientists, in an attempt to test the stated hypothesis for weakness and to see if by these rigorous tests, that the scientists can cause its failure. If those tests themselves fail to cause the hypothesis to fail over and over again, then the Hypothesis becomes a strongly tested almost irrefutable Theory. It may continue to undergo the rigors of scientific testing, or it may not. It is probably a worthless use of one's time, to attempt to disprove Pythagorum's Theorum, for example. But, you can try - those are the rules of the game. Until any hypothesis undergoes scientific blasts of testing by one's colleagues it remains a stated hypothesis - a working idea that must be tested.

RE: Geology 101(Rocks For Jocks) - The Scientific Method Lecture (Lecture #2). I have it on Power Point using Dinosaur Footprints as an illustrative example of hypothesis testing. Should anyone wish to see it/use it in your own lecture, please send your request privately and I will forward it to you. It has been quite effective, students love it. The updated version includes me measuring the real siltsone casts of theropod footprints against the feet of the mounted Giganatosaurus skeleton (much to the delight of the patrons in Atlanta's Fernbank Museum one day in December).


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