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Re: illustrations

Hi all,

We're still
waiting for Paul Serino to get back to us but, no doubt, he will say the
same as you.

Just so you know, Paul has only been in the states for about one out of the last six months. So, anyone who's tried to reach him and gotten no reply, he's not ignoring, he probably just hasn't seen your message yet.

> The hands: You have all the hands pointed palms-in towards the chest.
> Dinosaurus were not able to cross the radius and ulna, and therefor could
> not have achieved this position.

I *think* understand the comment, but I want to make sure. One of your illustrations (_Suchomimus_) has the palms turned inward in the proper position. The rest are in the position (palms down) that would require the radius to cross over the ulna which is seemingly impossible.

Mental note - all dinosaurs hands in future to be drawn as if they're
holding a large, invisible box! - Right?


> Suchomimus: You have drawn the hands with two fingers, and I was
 under the impression that they had 3, with a hyper-enlarged thumb claw.

Three fingers is right.

Overall your technique is nice and I'm sure that you'll continue to improve. Good luck.


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