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Megaraptor Claw

Hi all,
>From what Gavin Rymill has been telling you, me and
him were discussing this "Sickle Claw" of Megaraptor,
what caught my attention was that when you look at the
claw it has a distinctive feature to that of the thumb
claw of Suchomimus. And I want to point out that it is
well preserved and has the whole material what you
have on our nails. I looked closely at the two claws
and made a line where half of Megaraptors claw, and I
looked at the two and seen that they were the same
except the size. And the only material found odf
Meagaraptor was the famous "Sickle Claw", Ulna, and
Finger and you can`t forget the "Metatarsal", But when
you have all this material more associated with the
forelimb why do they say the Metatarsal and go right
away that the claw was bipedal?. And you really only
have a Metatarsal. But you do not have Phalanges(Toe),
but te finger bones which are Phalanges also. Could
the Metatarsal be the "Metacarspals"? Than you would
have an almost complete part of the right side of the
forelimb with the ulna bone.

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