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Re: illustrations

Okay, its no problem to re-draw the hands. I do a lot of "post-production"
work in Photoshop as it is. But I need to make sure. This is an absolute
certaintly, right?

I should have mentioned earlier that this condition palms inward seems to be strongest in theropods. Trackways of quadrupedal dinosaurs the digits display only slight medial orientation of the palms. Also, _Tyrannosaurus rex_ seems to have palms which face almost dorsomedially when the humeri are placed vertically (evidenced by "Sue").

assumed that the purpose of a dual bone system was to provide some swivel.)

In looking at the specimens on hand here (including a basal theropod, a tetanuran, and a coelurosaur), the proximal end of the radius is not round, but ovate or D-shaped. This would have limited the ability of the forearm to rotate.

Good night, everyone.


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