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Re: Protoavis and Megalancosaurus - and the ABSRD model of bird origins

Dear all,
        Just to contribute to a question I am very fond of:
 if anyone wants to make his own idea about  the  bird-like head and neck
of Megalancosaurus and its putative **similarity** (only in these regions)
with Protoavis, I can send  scanned close ups of the head and neck of
Megalancosaurus  (photo, not drawing, thus free of any biased
interpretation ). It has been told that it is unfair to clutter mailboxes
with non requested attachments (and I sincerely agree), so I will send them
only on request and, in turn, I will be happy  to read any feedback (please
try to avoid insults ;-)) directly or on the list. 
 WARNING,  the photos are published and copyrighted, thus you can download
them for your own use, but you cannot publish/reproduce or distribute them
in any way, without prior permission by the copyright holder and quoting
the source.

You can contact me at



                                Silvio Renesto


"Before being enlightened,   hard work; after enlightenment, hard work"
(Guo Yunshen).

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