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ANother Remake of Doyle's "Lost World"

from cinescape (2/12)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World is getting yet
another remake, this time a three hour TV movie from the
A&E cable network with the BBC with Walking With
Dinosaurs' Tim Haines co-producing.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, this latest version of
the classic story will star Bob Hoskins in the role of
Professor George Challenger. Peter Falk will also make a
cameo appearance in the coming film in the role of Rev.
Theo Kerr. The film will also feature Tom Ward (Quills) as
Lord Roxton, James Fox (Passage to India) as Professor
Leo Summerlee, Matthew Rhys (Titus) as cub reporter
Edward Malone and Elaine Cassidy (Felicia's Journey) as
Agnes Kerr.

The project will be helmed by Stuart Orme (Ivanhoe), with a
script by Tony Mulholland. Christopher Hall will produce the
project with Haines.

Production is scheduled to start this month with shooting in
London and New Zealand. Plans are to air the film on the
BBC around Christmas this year with the series turning up
on A&E in the second half of 2002.