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Re: Mesozoic flora

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vita0015@tc.umn.edu writes:

 Are there any good sources about Mesozoic flora available online or in 
books?  Specifically those that would be helpful for paleo-art.
    I highly reccomend this book: 
     Meier, Leo (photography) and Figgis, Penny (editor):: Rainforests of 
Australia. ; Weldons 1st edition 1985 . Folio hc cloth cover, photo inset, 
264pp, colour photos, many full pages and drawings. 
    It's a large volume with many gorgeous photographs.
    Also, by the same publisher:
    RUSSELL, Rupert.: DAINTREE. Where the rainforest meets the reef. ; 
Weldon. Sydney. (1989). Repr. 4to. Or.cl. d/w 256pp. Numerous col. & b/w 
photographs by Leo Meier and Cliff & Dawn Frith
    Both are available at www.bibliofind.com You should also do a web search 
for individual plant forms like araucarias, podocarps,cycads, etc. The 
Walking With Dinosaurs programs had very good landscapes also. DV.