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Re: Moasaurus

--- ELurio@aol.com wrote:
> Well, if you compare scales on the feet of a chicken
> to those on the back of 
> an allegator, you'd see that they are very
> different. Also the skin of the 
> carnotaur, is like that all over it's body. 

Hm. How is this is known?

> That's
> not the way it is for 
> birds.

I think that one ought to compare the scales found on
the feet of a crocodile to those that are found on the
feet of a bird first; otherwise it seems silly to
expect that the same sorts of integument present on
one part of a body will be present all over it.  If
all you've got is my scalp, that's not going to show I
have calluses on my feet.  Nor does the crocodile have
the same integument on its back as it has on its feet
(or even on its belly, for that matter).

> <<Question:  does evidence of one sort of integument
> always preclude the presence of any other kind? >>
> No.

So it would seem unlikely that some crocodilian
integument on Carnotaurus rules out a dinosaur-bird

> Why do you think that many dinosaurs are depicted
> naked scales?  Because 
> they're "reptiles." You can't just suddenly change a

> defintion in use  for hundreds of years and then
> everyone who disagrees with you ABSRD.

Onk? ABSRD?  Did I miss out on something while I was
not reading?

Well, anyway, I know you can see plenty of modern
reconstructions of dinosaurs depicted with both scales
and feathers, but that has less to do with the fact
they're "reptiles" (however it's defined) and more to
do with speculation based on the science itself.  And,
in some cases, less on speculation than the actual specimens.

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