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Re: Moasaurus

ELurio@aol.com writes:

To the latter question, take a look around you. A feather is a feather. As
far as I know, there are NO secondarily featherless critters, nor, as far as
I know, there ever were. But if there were, I'd say they were still birds.
But I don't really know as they are entirely theoretical.

OK, I've taken a look around me. I see a kiwi bird. It has long, hairlike structures coming out of its skin. Are these feathers? They look very different to the feathers of a duck or chicken.

I then look at the specimens of Sinosauropteryx and Microraptor. They have short, hairlike structures associated with the skeleton. Are these feathers?

Since this is a list for *scientific* discussion, perhaps we should have better definitions of such terms as "birds" and "feathers" then simply "we know it when we see it".



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