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Re: Moasaurus

At 05:05 PM 13/02/01 -0500, ELurio@aol.com wrote:
<< Ah yes.  Feduccia's First Law of ABSRD.  "If it has feathers, then it must
be a bird". >>

That's THE biological definition. To say that what is an old common sense
rule of thumb, is "absrd" is in itself absurd.

This comment overlooks a discipline of which Mr. Lurio may be unaware. It's called "science". In science, definitions change as new information comes forward demonstrating that the old, standard definition is no longer sufficient. Feathers were defining characteristics of birds only as long as we were unaware of the existence of any creatures that had feathers but did not, for good in sufficient reasons, seem to be birds otherwise. Now that we are aware of such creatures, and their therefore in possession of more knowledge than we were when the original definition was drafted, we must reconsider the definition. That's how science progresses, or so it seems to me anyway.

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