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Re: Spare ribs?

At 8:49 PM -0800 2/13/01, Mickey_Mortimer wrote:
Rob Gay wrote-

 Just a quick question: How far down do theropod ribs proceed down the
 vertebral column? I can't remember what I've seen off the top of my head,
 I was wondering if anyone else knew if they went all the way to the sacrum
 or stopped before the pelvic region.

Theropods had two dorsal ribs for every dorsal vertebra, all the way to the sacrum. Here's what I would like to know- what are sacral and caudal ribs? I hear about caudal ribs in relation to diplodocids and some other sauropods. Are these just transverse processes? Are sacral ribs transverse processes or actual ribs.

I have an excellent jpg of the rib cage of Giganatosaurus, taken from directly underneath the mounted skeleton, looking up. If there is interest, and you don't mind me answering later on (like Later On) I could forward it to interested parties.

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