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>>> "Tim Williams" <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com> 02/14/01 04:14PM >>>
>Now, if someone can explain to me why Donald Duck walks out of the 
>shower with a towel wrapped around his waste, then proceeds to walk around 
>in public with no pants on, then I'll die a happy man.

Well, it could have to do with the oils on his feathers. You know, how ducks 
keep water away from their skin? If Donald has a speech impediment, he may also 
have some other genetic defects, including a misplaced gene in the part of his 
DNA that codes for the production of oils to coat his feathers. If that were 
true, the feathers would still be good for insulation - but not when wet! So, 
stepping out of the shower, he has to dry off as quickly as possible in order 
to stay warm and alive.

Just a thought.

Brent : )

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