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Re: Ducks present and past (was Re: ARE ORNITHOPODS BORING?)

Navesink may still be considered Cretaceous (not certain), but I am pretty certain Hornerstown was found to be Early Paleocene (Danian).
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Subject: Re: Ducks present and past (was Re: ARE ORNITHOPODS BORING?)
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 17:54:37 EST

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<< Olson and Parris (1987)
previously reported _Anatalavis_ from New Jersey, as one of several species
of birds from the Navesink and Hornerstown formations. To anyone's
knowledge have either of these formations been pinned down to either late
Upper Cretaceous or early Paleocene? >>

Dale Russell, in _A Check List of North American Marine Cretaceous
Vertebrates Including Fresh Water Fishes_1988, gives an early Maastrichtian
age for the Navesink and latest Maastrichtian for the Hornerstown. Both have
dinosaurs and mosasaurs. DV
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