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RE: 'Jurassic Park' Unearthed in Argentina's Patagonia - Reuters

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> << Huh? Jurassic period fossils are only known from China and Madagascar?
>  "Relatively little land"? >>
>       Reuters strikes again.
>     I saw a photo in our newspaper this morning of a beautiful
> exposed string
> of verts from the locality with gorgeous badlands landscape in
> the backround.
> Sure gets the blood stirring. And here I am in New Jersey. Sigh. DV.

It is my strong suspicion that the word "Middle" before the word "Jurassic"
was lost somewhere in the process...

After all, Cerro Condor has previous provided other Middle Jurassic
dinosaurs (_Patagosaurus_, _Piatnitzkysaurus_, etc.).

Alternatively, maybe this is Early Jurassic stuff.  Of course, in either
case I wouldn't pick Madagascar as a great representation of material from
that Epoch: the Early Jurassic of the western U.S., for instance, has
yielded a wonderful fauna, and the Middle Jurassic dinosaurs of England and
nearby continental Europe are at least as good as the published stuff from

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