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Age of the Navesink [was Re: Re: Ducks present and past (was Re: ARE ORNITHOPODS BORING?)]

        Numerous lines of evidence give the Navesink a latest
Maastrichtian age. Ammonoids are present in the basalmost Hornerstown
formation, but if I recall correctly they may be reworked. Sorry, I don't
have the ref.s handy, but if anyone needs them, I can e-mail them.
Naturally, I am rather interested in the Navesink, as it provides the best
specimen of a Maastrichtian hadrosaur from Appallachia. William Gallagher
has done a great deal of work on the paleontology and stratigraphy of the
latest Creataceous of the Atlantic Coastal Plain. Good highlights of the
former (and, in my opinion, all too little of the latter, darned popular
audience!) are in his book Dinosaurs of New Jersey.