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Re: Ducks present and past (was Re: ARE ORNITHOPODS BORING?)

The interesting question is the age of the main fossiliferous basal layer
of the Hornerstown formation from which most of  the bird fossils are. The
age of this is still uncertain but in any case it is *very* close to the
K/T boundary. This Main Fossiliferous Layer (MFL) is possibly of composite
age, containing a lag deposit of  late maastrichtian fossils mixed with in
situ early palaeocene ones. The birds from the underlying Navesink
formation are definitely maastrichtian.

Tommy Tyrberg

>Navesink may still be considered Cretaceous (not certain), but I am 
>pretty certain Hornerstown was found to be Early Paleocene (Danian).
>                          ------Ken