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how many bird taxa survived K-T

Dear All,
I think it is probably safe to say at least one anseriform family survived K-T, and at least one paleognath family and at least one galliform family.
But how many families of "higher" birds survived K-T seems less certain, although my intuition tells me that there probably weren't very many, especially considering the complete extinction of enantiornitheans.
How controversial is the "Cretaceous parrot", and are modern "shore birds" descended from a couple of surviving families or a whole bunch? Would be interested in some discussion of this, either in terms of species or higher taxa.
-------Ken Kinman
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On _Anatalavis_, Fred Ruhe wrote...

> Somewhere I've red that Gareth Dyke doesn't believe, the genus belongs
> in the Anseranatidae, I can't remember the ref, but maybe he can tell
> us more!

Gareth won't be replying as he's back in the UK for graduation right
now (incidentally Gareth and I both live in the same city -
Southampton - and both went to the same school. We're meeting up
tomorrow I think). His rebuttal to Olson's identification of
_Anatalavis_ as an anseranatid was present at SVP 2000 (also SVPCA
2000), is discussed at full length in his phd thesis, and is currently in
press - apparently it will appear soon.

Olson's characters were mostly primitive for anseriforms if I remember
and _Anatalavis_ is best placed as a basal anseriform (and not allied to

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