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Asian Flora in the Late Cretaceous

Hello again!

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who answered my first post
for your comments and encouraging words. I'll be updating the pages in
the future as my work on the book progresses.

Now for the questions: So far I've found out that most of Asia in the
Late Cretaceous was somewhat similiar to the pampas (or perhaps the
savannas of Africa). But a lot has happened in the plantlife since the
Maastrichtian, most notably grass. So, what exactly did grow on the
plains of Asia 70 million years ago? Ferns of some kind? What about
different bushes and trees? Would tree ferns, araucarias and podocarpi
(<-is that how you spell that anyhow?) be completely out of place in
this environment? Are there still places left on Earth where such
flora exist, or at least plants that resemble them?

What I really need - as this information is for the illustrations of
the book - is visual information, but even names for the plants would
help a lot, so I could look for the pics myself.

Matti Aumala