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Re: Styracosaurus Query


Hi Marilyn,

    This is surely not as complete as what you were hoping for, but
off-hand, I find of p. 14 of Peter Dodson's THE HORNED DINOSAURS (ISBN
0-691-02882-6), that Styracosaurus is found in the Judith River Formation of
Alberta (and possibly of Montana, too -- text is unclear on this point),
dating between 77 and 74 Ma.  The interval is Judithian.

    Sorry I am not more helpful.

    Ray Stanford

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Gentlepersons, Dino-aficionados, Adult Children of Alien Invaders, Students. Professionals, AndList-Lurkers,

Does anyone have on hand (with citations please) the information
pertaining to the geographic range, and in particular, the FAD-LAD
for Styracosaurus? If so, would you please share it with me? (and
others, if you so choose)

Thanks in advance,