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Needed Info: DOI/BLM - The LONG Document

Howdy Ya'll,

I apologize for the double posting for some of you, but I am going for broad bandwidth this time.

Does anyone have handy the URL for the *entire* government document that describes Resource Management and the DOI's policies pertaining to paleontology? I need to cite this puppy. I think it is DOI/BLM Form 8270-(240), but a search for that hasn't turned anything up for me. I have got to be chasing this the wrong way. If you don't have the link, then anyone who has it saved as a PDF file could please forward it to me.

I have the URL's for Section IV (paleontolgy manual) and the stuff pertaining to permits. That's easy - it's all linked on the BLM site. I am seeking the entire "cure for insomnia" legal document that makes collecting conodonts illegal without a permit. That one. Do scolecodonts fall under this too? Just Kidding!

I love light reading on Saturday nights.

Thanks In Advance,
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