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Re: supersaurus tail thingy

On Sat, 17 Feb 2001, Mickey_Mortimer wrote:

> Shunosaurus has been found with the tail club intact, but Omeisaurus has
> not.  Two types of tail clubs were found in the Dashanpu quarry- one similar
> to Shunosaurus, one not.  The other type was referred to Omeisaurus, but it
> could have always come from another sauropod from the Xiashaximiao Formation
> (Abrosaurus, Datousaurus, etc.).

Oh, I was under the impression the the only difference between
_Shunosaurus_ clubs and "_Omeisaurus_" clubs was size, and thus the
"_Omeisaurus_" clubs probably belonged to large _Shunosaurus_. Do you know
what the differences are?

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