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No Cretaceous parrot

I remember to have read somewhere (maybe onlist) that the reported
Cretaceous parrot dentary is indeed oviraptorosaurian, despite the fact that
the original article explicitely says it's not.
        Interesting to see that the birds from Wyoming apparently turn out
to be Late Cretaceous -- last I had read (Feduccia 1996, IIRC) was that
nearly all were Palaeocene. Whatever, using them to find out how many bird
clades survived the K-T won't be easy, as all except the LK Antarctic loon
*Polarornis* are very fragmentary. (More on *Polarornis* in a forthcoming
Details On segment on *Protoavis*...)
        I hope I can get my old emails back -- the computer must have caught
a virus, one day the boot sector was damaged and the folder structure
destroyed, we had to install Windows 98 anew. §%&&³³²%§%$§...