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Re: Extinction once again (crocs)

> << and South American ziphodont crocs
> (Baurusuchidae, Sebecidae, whatever) >>
> I remember reading somewhere that there was one in New Caledonia in
> subfossils.....

Yes, *Mekosuchus*, which had relatives in Australia during the Neogene
(*Quinkana* and others), but the mekosuchines (what "family" do they belong
to?) hadn't yet evolved, AFAIK, before the K-T extinction. Neither had
Euramerican Paleogene pristichampsine crocodylids (which apparently died out
in the Eocene-Oligocene event), but at least some of the South American
groups were, and I was talking about crocodiles that probably didn't need
wetlands but survived the K-T event.

Is HP Christopher Brochu onlist again?