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Re: Name the Smithsonian Triceratops Contest

In a message dated 2/18/01 8:00:10 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
perew@freeshell.org writes:

<< Uncle Beasley was the name given to the dino and thus to the prop left over
 from the making of the movie. >>

    The "prop" was a copy of sculptor Louis Paul Jonas' fiberglass life-sized 
Triceratops created for the Sinclair oil company exhibit for the New York 
World's Fair back in the sixties. One of the last projects Barnum Brown was 
involved in was as consultant for this project. John Ostrom took over after 
Brown's death.
    In the book, Mr. Beasley was drawn by Louis Darling. Darling's wife, 
Lois, was a scientific illustrator in the VP department at the AMNH and did a 
lot of work for Colbert including _The Age of Reptiles_. Her restoration of 
Coelophysis has been widely reproduced.
    I'd love to see a new version of this story produced with dimensional 
animation by Krentz Presentz. Of course, a new plot twist would have to be 
added with a tyrannosaur being hatched by a turkey somewhere, with a battle 
on the Capitol Mall! DV.