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Re: Extinction once again (crocs)

I'm sure Paul Willis would be in a much better position to answer those
croc related questions. Our big crocs are just mundane ole' C. porosus just
like the rest of the Indo-Pacific (although there was a similar sized
mekosuchine Pallimnarchus living alongside them in the Pleistocene).

As for varanids, yes we certainly have the majority of species in Oz but
remember that the most of them are small "ordinary lizard-sized" critters
of less than two feet in length plus many families of lizards with species
in a similar size bracket are absent in Oz (iguanas, cordylids, lacertids
etc.) which would have opened up the niche market.

Hmm...Paul Willis seems to consider Mekosuchus a terrestrial varanid
analogue in contrast to other reconstructions I've seen of this beastie
(depicted as a semiaquatic cancrivore).


>Do we know why Australia harbors more large crocs and varanids than other
>continents?  Was Mekosuchus a big croc?
>John Bois