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Proornis (was Re: New Ref-Korean K Verts)

Christian Farrell Kammerer wrote:

"a bird fossil was found in the
Sinuiju Series (early Cretaceous) of the Amnok River basin in North
Korea." Furthermore, it is known from parts of the skull and neck and a
wing with associated feathers. This specimen has probably been >discussed previously, but it now has a name: _Proornis coreae_, which >apparently was
named by Paek & Kim back in 1996 in their "Mesozoic Era" section of the
book _Geology of Korea_.

I guess this is the "North Korean _Archaeopteryx_" that has been floating around in the ether for a while now. Does anyone know if _Proornis_ has indeed been officially named and described?

(I'm very surprised this thing has received so little attention. Cold War politics maybe?)

Thanks for the reference, Christian.  Good luck with your teleosts!



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