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Re: Semi-Sprawled Sauropods (Was: WAVP Report)

<SNIP> -- sorry systematists everywhere, you'll have to wait for the morphologists to figure these characters out. =)

In summary, you can't pronate the manus in a sauropod by crossing the radius over the ulna. You either have to bend the forelimbs, or shift the position of the radius with the limb remaining straight. See why sauropods are so cool? =)

Matt Bonnan


Looking forward to seeing your dissertation illustrations of sauropod stance.

Stratigrapher - like an oracle who wishes to share knowledge or play Devil's Advocate without being seen or recognized, you are choosing to comment your truths anonymously. ;^)

I think, I would like to share this quote with all of you. It applies broadly to the applications of our various disciplines - perhaps especially to those of pictures and illustrations of our ideas, whether they be they purely geological or purely biological in extension.

"Words following words in long succession, however ably selected those words may be, can never convey so distinct an idea of the visible forms of the earth as the first glance at a good map.....In the extent and variety of its resources, in rapidity of utterance, in the copiousness and completeness of the information it communicates, in precision, conciseness, perspicuity, in the hold it has upon memory, in vividness of imagery and power of expression, in convenience of reference, in portability, in the combination of so many and such useful quantities, a Map has no rival."

George Greenough, 1840, First President of the British Geological Society.

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