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(More Addendum)Now Ichnology (WAS Semi-Sprawled Sauropods) (Was: WAVP Report)

At 1:32 PM -0700 2/19/01, Richard W Travsky wrote:
On Mon, 19 Feb 2001, Ken Kinman wrote:
      Unfortunately, there really are no hard "facts" about posture of
 dinosaurs, although some interpretations are perhaps more widely believed

What information can be gleaned from trackways? (I would not think it necessary to associate tracks with a specific species, just whether, in they case, they are sauropod or not.)

Dear Rich,

And from all of the preceding, we can start to discern implications of the physiology (perhaps) of the tracemaker by placement of the feet, how the limbs were attached to the animal (perhaps) by the traces of its passing and the speed of the gaits that it was traveling at.

Impairments, such as missing limbs (this works better if you have more than 4; polydactyly is good), deformed limbs, broken and healed limbs may show up in the traces as well. You probably didn't last long enoug during the Mesozoic to make tracks if you were limping......

Can you tell I like tracks?
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