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Re: Birds of Russia and Mongolia

David Marjanovic wrote-

> I hardly know more of *Boluochia* than its name... what are the problems
> its classification?

I meant to out that if taken by itself, the subequal lateral and medial
condyles of Boluochia would suggest it is ornithurine.  However, other
characters suggest it is enantiornithine.  This shows that caution is needed
when assigning taxa to a group based on one trait alone.

> > Baruungoyot Formation, Mongolia
> Double u now?

There's an entire chapter devoted to standardizing Russian and Mongolian
names.  That's how they spell it.

> >>Besides N? valifanov, Boluochia is the only other enantiornithine with a
> toothless premaxilla.  It differs in having a decurved beak with a convex
> ventral margin posteriorly and a toothed dentary.<<
> It has teeth? Are these serrated? :-9

One dentary tooth has been found.  It's nearly conical, with a constricted
base.  I doubt it is serrated.

> > Hesperornithiformes fam. et gen. nov.
> > The fact these bones are small and highly pneumatized suggests to
> this species was volant.
> Oho! (Sure it is hesperornithiform?)

Nope.  Like I said, hesperornithiforms are too close to neornithines for me
to examine them yet.  You'll just have to look at the characters I listed
and find out for yourself if they are valid hesperornithiform

Mickey Mortimer