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Re: need ref

Christopher Robert Noto wrote-

> I'm doing research on the dinosaurs of Thailand, specifically the Late
> Jurassic Phu Kradung formation.  I have mention of a ref by Buffetaut and
> Suteethorn for 1998 which describes a lot of indeterminate theropods,
> sauropods, ornithopods and a stegosaur, but I can't find the name of the
> article or the journal anywhere to save my life.  Any help on this would
> be greatly appreciated.

Despite Fred's massive list of papers, he seemed to have missed the one in
question.  It's in the Cretaceous Ecosystems volume, as can be seen here:
 http://www.cmnh.org/fun/dinosaur-archive/1998Jul/msg00127.html .  It's
chapter 24.  Just a warning, Buffetaut and Suteethorn do not describe much
in the paper.  It's the best reference for the nomen nudum "Ginnareemimus"

Mickey Mortimer