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Well, all those capitals should get your attention.  Due to the ordeals of getting a new computer last September, I have finally changed my e-mail address.  Please direct all messages to Mickey_Mortimer11@msn.com.  See, it's exactly the same except for the "11".  "Why is there an eleven in my address now?", you might ask.  Does it have some special meaning?  Were there already ten other Mickey_Mortimer's using MSN?  I'm afraid not.  The computer salespeople suggested I use Mickey_Mortimer1@msn.com, but mistyped it into the computer to give the address two ones instead.  Sigh.  I'll still be using my old address for a while as well, but I would appreciate it if you would send all personal messages to my new address and alter the "reply to" line of a message you are responding to if I wrote it before the change.  Thanks for your time.
Mickey Mortimer