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Re: Birds of Russia and Mongolia

Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com> writes:

When Kurochkin says "phalanx II-1", does he mean the middle digit or the
innermost digit of the tridactyl manus? Is it digit II of I-II-III from the
ancestral pentadactyl condition (as dinosaur experts interpret the avian
tridactyl manus), or digit II of II-III-IV (as ornithologists prefer)?

Evgeny Kurochkin was one of the authors of the paper in *Science* that claimed that Longisquama's plume-like appendages were feathers (or at least ancestral homologs of bird feathers). I don't actually belive it myself. But it may mean that Kurochkin favors a non-dinosaurian origin of birds.

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