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Dinosaur Paleontologist, Smithsonian Institution

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This just in.

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Dinosaur Paleontologist, Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of 
Natural History

The Department of Paleobiology seeks a Curator with research 
specialty in the systematics and paleobiology (e.g., functional 
morphology, paleoecology, evolution) of Mesozoic Dinosauria and 
related Reptilia. The position will be filled at the GS-15 level 
(current salary range: $87,864-$114,224 per annum), approximately 
equivalent to full professor at a university. In addition to a 
substantial record of peer-reviewed research publications on the 
systematics and paleobiology of dinosaurs and related taxa, 
applicants are expected to have significant experience in: (1) 
raising funds for and conducting fieldwork, including leadership of 
field teams, for the collection of dinosaurs and related Reptilia; 
(2) working with preparators and other technical staff in the 
documentation, care, and study of collections of dinosaurs and other 
fossil vertebrates; and (3) interacting with and communicating 
research findings to diverse constituencies including specialists in 
public outreach, students, donors, the general public, and the media.

Applicants must send a curriculum vitae, including a complete list of 
publications (reprints are not requested at this time) and a 
statement of interests, experience, and goals in research and in each 
of the three additional areas listed above, all to be received by 
April 30, 2001 at:

Smithsonian Institution
Office of Human Resources
Attn: MPA # 00YH-2029
750 Ninth St., N.W. Suite 6100, MRC 984
Washington, DC 20560-0984

Applicants must arrange for at least three letters of reference, 
addressing qualifications of the applicant in the four areas listed 
above, to be sent to the same address by the same deadline. 
Additional reference letters may be solicited.

The Smithsonian Institution is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 
Preference will be given to applicants with U. S. citizenship.
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