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Re: Books on those Hairy Things

In a message dated 2/21/01 5:06:39 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
David.Krentz@disney.com writes:

<< I am amazed at how few books are available on prehistoric mammals that
 don't involve coloring inbetween the lines.  Does anyone have any good
 reccomendations for me? >>

    The Book of Mammoths by Augusta and Burian is one.
    If you haven't already seen W.B.Scott's _History of Land Mammals in the 
Western Hemisphere_ , that's a must. Many of the Horsfall and Knight 
illustrations are still quite excellent even though the latest edition is 
from the 1930's.
    The late Bjorn Kurten wrote several excellent mammal books you might find 
in a library.
    It really is slim pickings. If there isn't the word dinosaur in the 
title... There is hope however. Very soon a book about the age of mammals in 
Europe is to be published with many illustrations by Maurico Anton. Another 
volume on Africa, also illustrated by Mauricio is in the works. In fact he's 
working on a number of exciting mammalian projects.
    I sure wish a collection of the artwork of Jay Matternes would be 
published. I know there are many studies for the Smithsonian's Cenozoic 
murals around. Dr. Farlow can take this as a hint. DV.