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RE: Birds of Russia and Mongolia

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Zoe Heraklides wrote-

> Evgeny Kurochkin was one of the authors of the paper in *Science* that
> claimed that Longisquama's plume-like appendages were feathers (or at
> ancestral homologs of bird feathers). I don't actually belive it myself.
> it may mean that Kurochkin favors a non-dinosaurian origin of birds.

Kurochkin thinks "sauriurines" (Archaeopteryx, Jibeinia, confuciusornithids,
enantiornithines, Patagopteryx) evolved from theropods, but ornithurines did
not.  A ludicrous notion if there ever was one.

Not to me. I've thought about this on my own and believe its possible, or
actually, the other way around with a different twist in BCF.
Enantiornithines (Sauriurines) lived with Ornithurines. They did not have
families going from one group to another.