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RE: _Domeykodactylus_ Ref

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Subject: _Domeykodactylus_ Ref

Hi All -

   Could some kind soul provide the full ref for the "Martill, Frey, Chong
Diaz & Bell 2000" paper describing _Domeykodactylus_?  Thanks so very much
in advance!

Here ya go

Genus: Domeykodactylus MARTILL, FREY, DIAZ & BELL, 2000
Etymology: Domeyko, from the Cordillera de Domeyko, where the specimen was

Species: ceciliae MARTILL, FREY, DIAZ & BELL, 2000
Etymology: In honor of Cecilia Demargasso, who was so kind to the authors.
= Pterodaustro CASAMIQUELA & DIAZ, 1978 in UNWIN & HEINRICH, 1999

Oficina Regional Antofagasta del Instituto de Investigaciones Geologicas de
Chile 250973

Locality: Quebrada de la Carreta, Cordillera de Domeyko, Antofagasta, North

Horizon: Early Cretaceous.

Material: Incomplete mandible with portions of the left and right rami and

Referred material:

Number not given: Portion of premaxilla found in the same piece of rock and
in very close proximity to the holotype.

Martill, D. M., Frey E., Diaz G. C., and Bell C. M., 2000, Reinterpretation
of a Chilean pterosaur and the occurrence of Dsungaripteridae in South
America: Geological Magazine, v. 137, n. 1, p. 19-25.