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New References

Here's some new stuff I found at the library.
Chiappe, Kellner, Rivarola, Davila and Fox, 2000. Cranial morphology of Pterodaustro guinazui (Pterosauria: Pterodactyloidea) from the Lower Cretaceous of Argentina. Contributions in Science (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County) 483 1-19.
Describes the skull and relationships of Pterodaustro.  Weird spatulate maxillary teeth with ossicles on the palate.  It's most closely related to Ctenochasma.
Sankey, 2001. Late Campanian southern dinosaurs, Aguja Formation, Big Bend, Texas. Journal of Paleontology 75(1) 208-215.
This one's already been mentioned, but here's a bit more detail.  The only dinosaur remains consist of teeth and tooth fragments of the following groups- Tyrannosauridae, Ricardoestesia gilmorei, Ricardoestesia isosceles, Theropoda gen. et. fam. indet. (see below), Hadrosauridae, Pachycephalosauria, Ceratopsidae.
Theropoda indet.
Late Campanian, Late Cretaceous
Aguja Formation, Texas, US
Material- (LSUMG 488:5483) tooth (FABL 9 mm)
(LSUMG 489:6239) tooth (FABL 5.5 mm)
Description- These tooth fragments are not assignable to any known genus of Judithian theropod.  They are slightly flattened, recurved and serrated (3.5-5.5 per mm).  The serrations are slightly rounded with narrow interdenticle spaces. 
Relationships- Sankey finds these teeth are very similar to Dromaeosaurus, except they lack the lingually twisted anterior carinae autapomorphic of that genus (and seen in cf. Dromaeosaurus teeth from the Kimmeridgian of Portugal).  Perhaps this is a distinct dromaeosaurine genus.
Rauhut, 1999. A dinosaur fauna from the Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian) of Northern Sudan. Palaeontologia Africana 35 61-84.
Can you say African therizinosauroids, oviraptorosaurs and dromaeosaurines or troodontids.....
More tomorrow. :-)
Mickey Mortimer