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RE: Books on those Hairy Things

>A classic is R.J.G. Savage & M.R. Long's _Mammal evolution: an illustrated

I once had an interview with RJG Savage for a position at Bristol. He was
widely regarded as a lovable British eccentric/nutcase. He regularly
acquired naturally deceased animals from Bristol Zoo to augment the geology
department's collection of skeletons. Not to waste good protein, on
acquiring a new carcass everyone in the department would be invited round
to Bob's house for a barbecue. It was in such a way that he acquired his
much-loved okapi waistcoat (all hand-sewn by himself, allegedly). I asked
him what okapi tasted like, whereupon he thought for a moment and gave an
answer that, while probably accurate, was not terribly informative: 'A bit
like giraffe', he said. I suspect he'd been perfecting that thoughtful
pause on students for thirty years. Much missed (d. 1998).