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Whimsical Musings

    I was just mulling over the pathetic lack of public and publisher 
interest in prehistoric life other than dinosaurs. It really is a shame. It 
got me to wondering if there was such a thing as the Prehistoric Mammal List 
and what it would be like. Would the bulk of the posts be from young male 
students about sabertooth cats? Would they argue whether Smilodon was bigger 
than Machairodus? After weeks of such discussion would someone be relieved 
when the topic finally turned to plant-eating perissodactyls? Would there be 
endless harangues about BCF--Bats Came First? Would there be painful 
nit-picking arguments over what caused the extiction at the end of the 
Eocene? Would tedious old farts go on and on about Chas.R.Knight's mammal 
paintings? Probably. DV.