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Re: Dinosaur papers in the latest Nature (joke)

At 11:47 AM -0600 2/22/01, Tim Williams wrote:
Tom Holtz asked:

If so, what ate the birds and ralphed them up?

Homer Simpson? (Wasn't he accidentally transported to the Cretaceous Period once while trying to fix his toaster...?)

In part of my dissertation, you can see an entire discussion on "vertebrate vomit lags" which one of my committee announced could be seen on High Street in Columbus, across from campus, after the OSU/Michigan game annually.

Vertebrate Vomit Lags (VVLs) <grin> preserve as lovely more coherent mis-shapen flattened globs of very nasty looking etched and partially digested bits and pieces of other less fortunate vertebrates and invertebrates. They smash out lusciously when the next sedimentation event occurs. Preservation that I am most familiar with is in the marginal marine to paralic realm.

FYI: Large placoderms at whatever they felt like.


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