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RE: Birds of Russia and Mongolia

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> T. Mike Keesey
> > At 8:02 PM -0800 2/21/01, Mickey_Mortimer wrote:
> > >
> > >Kurochkin thinks "sauriurines" (Archaeopteryx, Jibeinia,
> confuciusornithids,
> > >enantiornithines, Patagopteryx) evolved from theropods, but
> ornithurines did
> > >not.  A ludicrous notion if there ever was one.
> Polyphyletic Aves?!?!?! He doesn't think Ornithurae evolved from
> Sauriurae, does he? (In which case he's agreeing with the "standard"
> phylogeny, but expressing it with traditional taxonomy.)
In his abstract for a talk at the VII International Symposium on Mesozoic
Terrestrial Ecosystems, Kurochkin considers feathers to have evolved
independantly three or more times; that the digits of _Archaeopteryx_ are
I-III, while those of ornithurines are II-IV; that Confuciusornis might be
derived independantly of EITHER the Archie-Enantiornithes clade or the
ornithurines; and that _Sinosauropteryx_, _Protarchaeopteryx_, and
_Caudipteryx_ are feathered non-avian theropods (who developed feathers
independantly of at least some "birds").

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