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Fwd: Re: Dinosaur papers in the latest Nature (joke)

"Bromalites" is the umbrella term for "regurgitalites" (fossil vomit, fossil pellets, etc.), "cololites" (fossil gut contents), and "coprolites" (I hope everyone knows this crap...) proposed by Hunt (I believe) a few years back.


On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Marilyn Wegweiser wrote:

 > Vertebrate Vomit Lags (VVLs) <grin> preserve as lovely more coherent
 > mis-shapen flattened globs of very nasty looking etched and partially
 > digested bits and pieces of other less fortunate vertebrates and
 > invertebrates. They smash out lusciously when the next sedimentation
 > event occurs. Preservation that I am most familiar with is in the
 > marginal marine to paralic realm.

I was wondering if there was a term for these things.  Gastrolites (ala
coprolites) came to mind, but is perilously close to gastroliths, which are
something else, of course.  Is VVL the correct technical term or is that
soemthing you made up?

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