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Petrified Puke Reference

Hi People,

Excuse the X-post, but it is the easiest way to reach lots of people all at once. I had no idea how interested so many of you might be in this subject. I have to admit, it really tells you who was for dinner! My VVL's (vertebrate vomit lags) are from Devonian placoderms.

I've found you all a reference (in Geobase) for some evidence of theropod puke.

This is in Russian:
Fiodorov P.V. ; Nessov L.A. 199o. Unusual burial of vertebrate remains in chodzhiabadskaja svita (Lower Cretaceous, Neocomian?) of north-east Ferghana and
environments of deposition of sediments containing the fossils. Vestnik - Leningradskogo Universiteta, Seriya Geologiya i Geografiya 2 p. 3-9

Happy reading, Comrades.

Marilyn W.